God Tier: Rogue of Heart

I haven’t posted anything in a long time, so I thought I’d start to get back into things with a classpect essay on my god tier, Rogue of Heart. While this is Nepeta’s role, we never got to see her in action, and so we really have no canon evidence on how this combination would function. So here are my thoughts:

A Rogue is one who steals for the benefit of their team. Heart is the aspect pertaining to the soul, self, and identity.

The Rogue is a subtle role that is more complex than it first appears, particularly when paired with the aspect, Heart. Upon first examination, it seems best suited for a supporting role, as the Rogue of Heart can keep their team emotionally healthy by draining off bad or violent aspects of their team’s roles. However, this path, while helpful for the team, is often the most damaging to the Rogue of Heart. But before we examine the places for self destruction or actualization in the ascended Rogue of Heart, we should look a little about their journey to their god powers.

Like Thieves, Seers, and several other classes, Rogues have an innate connection with their aspect right from the get go. A Rogue of Heart will fall into this pattern, perhaps by being fascinated by emotions around them, or maybe they will have an unnatural gift for understanding the emotional lives of others. One this is certain though, like every Heart player, the Rogue of Heart will have a fractured sense of self which could manifest in multiple consciousnesses like dreamselves being awake early, or retreat into a made up persona under stress.

Once the Rogue of Heart reaches the God Tiers, they are gifted with the power to see and steal their aspect—in this case, the soul, emotions, identity— for their teams benefit. In Rogues with a self-sacrificing nature and low self worth, this often means that they drain their team of negative emotions like fear or anger. However, when the Rogue does this, they take on those emotions for themselves. This path often leads to the Rogue of Heart’s self destruction because they take on so much fear and pain from their team that they either die of the stress, or if their god powers won’t let them die, become catatonic to the point where they are just a vessel for the team’s fear and negative emotions to be poured into.

This is not necessarily the fate of a Rogue of Heart though. Another way the Rogue powers may manifest themselves is that the Rogue of Heart will be a Robin Hood-like character, stealing the positives from their enemies and feed that to their teammates by acting as a sort of conduit. This method is much more work and requires a thorough understanding of emotions, but both leads away from the self destruction of the first path and is much more versatile. This kind of Rogue may act as a support player, keeping the emotions and motivations of their team up while also draining those of enemies. This Rogue could also fight more offensively, destroying their enemies sense of self and thereby making them easier to destroy. The Rogue in this manner would be limited, at least until they were very experienced, as dealing with a group or army of opponents would be nearly impossible to do well with the specialized powers of the Rogue of Heart. Nevertheless, the Rogue could be the trump card, the special player kept in reserve for the boss fight—against the lone enemy whose soul is at the mercy of the Rogue of Heart.

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